What is ULShoots?

Welcome to ULShoots!
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ULShoots is a hyper-local visual journal focused mostly on the campus of the University Laboratory School, but we also cover the small island of Oahu that is our home.

Our primary goal is to capture the comings and goings in and around the Lab School campus, especially those little details that many of you may otherwise miss. In our normally busy school day, we sometimes forget to notice those little visual moments that cause us to pause and wonder, smile, ULS Digital Photography 2016laugh or simply appreciate our lives and each other. It’s our mission to help point them out to you. As photographers, we love capturing light in all its variations and subtleties and love it even more when we get others to notice too, so we occasionally include images we’ve taken from other parts of the island. It won’t take you long, though. Usually just a single photograph, a caption or an inspiring quote and you’re done.

Thanks for stopping by! Shoots…

The idea for this photography journal comes from David Hobby, a photographer and educator extraordinaire, whose blog, Strobist, is one of our leading inspirations and resources for off-camera flash photography.